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Research Roundup: Mar 7, 2023

Best of cannabinoid science this week...

In 54 patients with hypertension, five weeks of CBD reduced their blood pressure via the sympatho-chromaffin system (neuro/hormonal cells of the adrenal glands) CBD supplementation reduces arterial blood pressure via modulation of the sympatho-chromaffin system: A substudy from the HYPER-H21-4 trial

In patients with mastocytosis (a painful overabundance of mast cells), CBD allowed a third of the patients to discontinue their other pain medicines The Effectiveness and Safety of Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabidiol in the Treatment of Mastocytosis-Associated Pain: A Pilot Study

In patients with frontotemporal dementia, PEA & the flavonoid luteoline improved their functional impairment & their cortical brain wave oscillations EFFECTS OF PALMITOYLETHANOLAMIDE COMBINED WITH LUTEOLINE ON HIGH FREQUENCY OSCILLATIONS AND GABAERGIC TRANSMISSION IN PATIENTS WITH FRONTOTEMPORAL DEMENTIA

A review of using CBD for the diseases of your dogs & cats

Scientific Validation of Cannabidiol for Management of Dog and Cat Diseases

In Alzheimer's disease, the ability of CBD to prevent the aging of the astrocytes (important immune/support cells of the brain) seems to be mediated by parkin (a protein used by the cell for recycling old components) as well as its ability to protect the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) Parkin Mediates Cannabidiol Prevention of Amyloid-Beta-Induced Senescence in Human Astrocytes

In a brain tissue & mouse model of multiple sclerosis, CBG lowered inflammation, improved clinical scores & protected from brain cell loss Therapeutic Potential of Phytocannabinoid Cannabigerol for Multiple Sclerosis: Modulation of Microglial Activation In Vitro and In Vivo

In a mouse model of cognitive decline & Alzheimer’s disease, PEA protected memory & lessened shrinking of the hippocampus (memory center of the brain) Chronic administration of palmitoylethanolamide counteracts cognitive decline in Tg2576 Mice

In a zebrafish model of epilepsy, CBD combined well with CBN, CBC, THC & CBG to reduce seizures, partially via the GPR55 receptor (which may one day be known as CB3) CBD can be combined with additional cannabinoids for optimal seizure reduction and requires GPR55 for its anticonvulsant effects

For the bacteria that causes cavities, a combination of CBD & the antibiotic triclosan disrupted their formation of biofilms & caused an antibacterial effect Improved Anti-Biofilm Effect against the Oral Cariogenic Streptococcus mutans by Combined Triclosan/CBD Treatment

The effects of CBD on GABAA receptors (a target of the benzodiazepines like Valium)

CBD specific action on GABAA receptor alpha subunits

For horses, using CBD to help stop them from crib-biting

The use of cannabidiol as a novel treatment for oral stereotypic behaviour (crib-biting) in a horse

It appears safe to give CBD & CBDA extracts to your Amazonian parrot Twice-daily oral administration of a cannabidiol and cannabidiolic acid-rich hemp extract was well tolerated in orange-winged Amazon parrots (Amazona amazonica) and has a favorable pharmacokinetic profile


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