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Research Roundup: Mar 21, 2022

Clinical Studies & Surveys of CBD & the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

In people with multiple sclerosis, THC & CBD helped with inflammation via the Toll receptors

Botanically-Derived Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol, and Their 1:1 Combination, Modulate Toll-like Receptor 3 and 4 Signalling in Immune Cells from People with Multiple Sclerosis

In pain patients, cannabis oil reduced the use of opioids

Long-term Cannabis-based oil therapy and pain medications prescribing patterns: an Italian observational study

& a survey finds that medical cannabis patients reported it helped their pain, sleep & overall function

Medical Marijuana Efficacy: A Survey

In some people with Tourette syndrome, medical cannabis helped to control tics

Medical Cannabis for Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome: An Open-Label Prospective Study

In patients with anal fissures, a topical hemp blend significantly improved pain & quality of life

Management of Chronic Anal Fissure With A Novel Topical Hemp-Herbal Based Ointment - A Pilot Study

In dogs, CBG & CBGA caused no ill effects & CBGA was found to be much more bioavailable

Single dose and chronic oral administration of cannabigerol and cannabigerolic acid-rich hemp extract in fed and fasted dogs: Physiological effect and pharmacokinetic evaluation

In horses being transported, CBD reduced stress

Cannabidiol Supplementation and Physiological Response in Transported Horses

In steers, feeding them hemp rich in CBDA helped with stress & inflammation

Short term feeding of industrial hemp with a high cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) content increases lying behavior and reduces biomarkers of stress and inflammation in Holstein steers

Recent Reviews

On the role of cannabis in neurology

Neurology - to be or not to be of the cannabis-based medicine?

& on the role of cannabis in psychiatry

The Construct of Medical and Non-Medical Marijuana-Critical Review

& a review of the ECS in mood disorders

Endocannabinoid system in psychotic and mood disorders, a review of human studies

& an editorial on why cannabis might be excellent for psychotic disorders

Commentary on: it might be a wonderful opportunity when patients with a psychotic disorder use cannabis

Cannabinoids for migraines

Clinical Evidence of Cannabinoids in Migraine: A Narrative Review

A review of the effects of THC on obesity at different stages of life

Effects of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) on Obesity at Different Stages of Life: A Literature Review

A review of the cannabinoids for treating cancer

Plant-derived cannabinoids as anticancer agents

& a review focused on pancreatic cancer

Targeting the Endocannabinoid System: From the Need for New Therapies to the Development of a Promising Strategy. What About Pancreatic Cancer?

Preclinical Research & Cannabinoid Chemistry

In mice, CBD helps to promote new bone growth via the lowering of inflammation & the activation of bone stem cells

Cannabidiol Promotes Osteogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Inflammatory Microenvironment via the CB2-dependent p38 MAPK Signaling Pathway

In a mouse model of glaucoma, a stabilized nanoemulsion of CBD reduced ocular inflammation & at some dosages, helped decrease intraocular pressure

The dose-dependent effect of a stabilized cannabidiol nanoemulsion on ocular surface inflammation and intraocular pressure

In a mouse model of multiple sclerosis, activating the CB2 receptor reduced inflammation & improved symptoms

A CB2 Receptor Agonist Reduces the Production of Inflammatory Mediators and Improves Locomotor Activity in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis

In a tissue model of Alzheimer’s disease, some cannabis terpenes provided neuroprotection against the toxic neurofibrillary tangles

Cannabis terpenes display variable protective and anti-aggregatory actions against neurotoxic β amyloid in vitro: highlighting the protective bioactivity of α-bisabolol in motorneuronal-like NSC-34 cells


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