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Research Roundup: Feb 21, 2023

Best of cannabinoid science this week...

A review of using the cannabinoids for pain, especially CBD

Beyond Pain Relief: A Review on Cannabidiol Potential in Medical Therapies

A review of the widespread antioxidant effects of CBD & THC as well as the many diseases this relates to

Cannabinoids in the Modulation of Oxidative Signaling

A review of using CBD for brain diseases

Cannabidiol for the Treatment of Brain Disorders: Therapeutic Potential and Routes of Administration

A study of how different CBD formulations get delivered to the various regions of the brain

Oral lipid-based formulations alter delivery of cannabidiol to different anatomical regions in the brain

A huge multi-center study on the efficacy of using CBD for epilepsy

Real-world data on cannabidiol treatment of various epilepsy subtypes: A retrospective, multicenter study

On the possibility of using CBD for sickle cell anemia Is CBD ready for prime time in sickle cell disease?

In a mouse model of fetal alcohol syndrome, CBD helped with their emotional & cognitive disturbances Cannabidiol repairs behavioral and brain disturbances in a model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

In a rat model of depression, CBD modulates changes in the prefrontal cortex to the microRNAs (cellular control machinery of protein production) & that this help for depression is mediated by a serotonin receptor Cannabidiol Modulates Alterations in PFC microRNAs in a Rat Model of Depression

On skin, CBD & CBG kill harmful microbials while sparing the skin’s microbiome Cannabidiol and Cannabigerol Exert Antimicrobial Activity without Compromising Skin Microbiota

And in skin stem cells, a look at the pathways CBD uses to enhance the skin barrier & reduce oxidative stress Cannabidiol mediates epidermal terminal differentiation and redox homeostasis through aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR)-dependent signaling

On how CBD regulates the calcium channels that underlie the mechanism of pain Differential regulation of Cav 3.2 and Cav 2.2 calcium channels by CB1 receptors and cannabidiol

In elderly horses, CBD reduced their production of inflammatory cytokines with no negative side effects The effects of cannabidiol on immune function and health parameters in senior horses


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