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Research Roundup: Sept 13, 2021

Best of the Week...

In lung cells exposed to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, ultramicronized PEA reduced all inflammatory markers

Ultramicronized Palmitoylethanolamide Inhibits NLRP3 Inflammasome Expression and Pro-Inflammatory Response Activated by SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein in Cultured Murine Alveolar Macrophages

This review gives a physician’s perspective on the cannabinoids for pain with an emphasis on CBD

The Role of Cannabis, Cannabidiol and Other Cannabinoids in Chronic Pain. The Perspective of Physicians

In mice, treatment with topical CBD led their skin to produce more aquaporin-3 (important in skin water retention) & to be more moisturized

Cannabidiol Application Increases Cutaneous Aquaporin-3 and Exerts a Skin Moisturizing Effect

In healthy young humans, this randomized clinical trial showed that CBD enhanced their verbal episodic memory

Cannabidiol enhances verbal episodic memory in healthy young participants: A randomized clinical trial

This review looks at using PEA to treat cognitive dysfunction syndrome in pets (a model of Alzheimer’s)

Successful and Unsuccessful Brain Aging in Pets: Pathophysiological Mechanisms behind Clinical Signs and Potential Benefits from Palmitoylethanolamide Nutritional Intervention

A pharmacist’s take on CBD & drug-drug interactions (a helpful one to bookmark)

The Safety and Efficacy of CBD—A Pharmacist’s Perspective

Our medical adviser Dr. Jamie Corroon publishes on the lack of data behind the idea of using CBN for sleep

Cannabinol and Sleep: Separating Fact from Fiction

This review looks at targeting the ECS for social anxiety disorder – with a focus on CBD

The endocannabinoid system in social anxiety disorder: from pathophysiology to novel therapeutics

Clinical Studies & Reviews of CBD & the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

In the blood of dogs, they measured the effects of CBD & found it to be anti-inflammatory & immuno-modulating

Effect of Cannabidiol (CBD) on Canine Inflammatory Response: An Ex Vivo Study on LPS Stimulated Whole Blood

A review of the effects of the cannabino

nabis and cannabinoids on the endocrine system

In a study of the genetics of those with treatment resistant-epilepsy taking CBD, they found genetic pathways related to cholesterol metabolism & glutathione conjugation

Pharmacogenetic predictors of cannabidiol (CBD) response and tolerability in treatment-resistant epilepsy

A review of using CBD to treat rare epilepsies

Cannabidiol for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome: experts' recommendations for its use in clinical practice in Spain

In children with rare epilepsies, a CBD gel was safe, well-tolerated & lessened seizures & disease burden

Safety and Tolerability of Transdermal Cannabidiol Gel in Children With Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial

In humans with arthritis, 30 mg of synthetic CBD not helpful for the pain

Cannabidiol treatment in hand osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial

A review of how the cannabinoids relate to our fear & anxiety systems

Cannabinoids: revealing their complexity and role in central networks of fear and anxiety

This review looks at how the endocannabinoid system forms a bridge between Alzheimer’s disease & the gut microbiome

The Endocannabinoid System: A Bridge between Alzheimer’s Disease and Gut Microbiota

This review looks at how lowering the activation of endocannabinoid signaling in the brain’s microglia (immune cells) lessens the neuroinflammation of Alzheimer’s disease

Potentiation of microglial endocannabinoid signaling alleviates neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's disease

A review of targeting the CB2 receptor for Alzheimer’s disease

Cannabinoid receptor 2 selective agonists and Alzheimer's disease: An insight into the therapeutic potentials

Preclinical Research & Cannabinoid Chemistry

In cells, CBD binds to a sodium channel (relevant to epilepsy)

Cannabidiol Selectively Binds to the Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Nav1.4 in Its Slow-Inactivated State and Inhibits Sodium Current

A study of how CBD & other cannabinoids alter the liver enzyme CYP2D6 - a possible role in CBD’s regulation of anandamide levels

Differential Interactions of Selected Phytocannabinoids with Human CYP2D6 Polymorphisms

In bladder cancer cells, CBD promoted cell death

Cannabidiol Effectively Promoted Cell Death in Bladder Cancer and the Improved Intravesical Adhesion Drugs Delivery Strategy Could Be Better Used for Treatment

In male rats, CBD treatment when they are teenagers leads to later changes in metabolism

Juvenile cannabidiol chronic treatments produce robust changes in metabolic markers in adult male Wistar rats

In female rats exposed to the smell of a predator, they had lower levels of 2-AG & higher levels of AEA in the amygdala (fear center of the brain) versus male rats who showed none of these alterations

Amygdalar endocannabinoids are affected by predator odor stress in a sex-specific manner and modulate acoustic startle reactivity in female rats

In male rats allowed to copulate until satiety, activation of the CB1 receptors & the release of endocannabinoids modulated dopamine & glutamate levels, possibly leading to “the long-lasting physiological changes that characterize sexually satiated rats”

Endocannabinoids Released in the Ventral Tegmental Area During Copulation to Satiety Modulate Changes in Glutamate Receptors Associated With Synaptic Plasticity Processes

In rats given ZnO nanoparticles (a treatment for cancer & diabetes), it modified the response of their hearts to the cannabinoid receptors

ZnO Nanoparticles Induce Dyslipidemia and Atherosclerotic Lesions Leading to Changes in Vascular Contractility and Cannabinoid Receptors Expression as Well as Increased Blood Pressure

In mice with no Alpha/Beta-Hydrolase Domain 6 (ABHD6 – an enzyme that degrades 2-AG), they had to urinate more frequently & were more sensitive to mechanical pain

Phenotypic Characterization of the Endocannabinoid-Degrading Enzyme Alpha/Beta-Hydrolase Domain 6 Knockout Rat


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