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Research Roundup: Oct 24, 2023

Best of cannabinoid science this week...

A survey of orthopedic sports medicine providers find that most support the use of CBD for pain management Perceptions and Opinions on Cannabidiol in the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Community

A small study shows similar absorption effects from sublingual drops of CBD versus gelatin capsules Cannabidiol Oil Ingested as Sublingual Drops or Within Gelatin Capsules Shows Similar Pharmacokinetic Profiles in Healthy Males

In a survey of people who use stimulants, half of them used cannabis to manage their cravings Cannabis use to manage stimulant cravings among people who use unregulated drugs

Based on real world breastfeeding data, using CBD causes an exposure to breastfed infants “magnitudes lower than exposures in children aged 4–11 years administered the lowest therapeutic dose for approved indications” Cannabidiol Exposure Through Maternal Marijuana Use: Predictions in Breastfed Infants

A case report of controlling seizures after a brain tumor surgery with a 1:1 THC:CBD oil CANNABINOIDES USE IN THE CONTROL OF CONVULSIVE CRISIS IN ASTROCYTOMA AFTER NEUROSURGERY: CASE REPORT

A thesis project on women using cannabis for menstrual cycle distress Cannabis Use Among Women Experiencing Menstrual Cycle Distress

A thesis project reports THC helped with delayed-onset muscle soreness after intense exercise THE EFFECT OF DELTA-9-TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL ON DELAYED-ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS

In cats with gingivostomatitis (severe inflammatory gum infection), a placebo-controlled study found that 15 days of CBD (4 mg/kg) twice a day significantly improved disease scores Placebo-Controlled Trial of Daily Oral Cannabidiol as Adjunctive Treatment for Cats with Chronic Gingivostomatitis

On using cannabinoids for chronic neuropathic pain Cannabis constituents for chronic neuropathic pain; reconciling the clinical and animal evidence

And a review of how the endocannabinoid system helps with neuroinflammation (great charts!) Neuroinflammation in the Central Nervous System: Exploring the Evolving Influence of Endocannabinoid System

On using CBD for aging, especially Alzheimer's disease

The Main Therapeutic Applications of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Its Potential Effects on Aging with Respect to Alzheimer’s Disease

For brain hemorrhages, a review of the benefits of CBD & its antioxidant effects Anti-oxidant effects of cannabidiol relevant to intracerebral hemorrhage

A review of 12 studies on the benefits of using CBD in sunscreen Cannabidiol in Sunscreen: A Survey of Current Peer-Reviewed Evidence

A review confirms the conventional wisdom: CBD & THC don't cause drug interactions with the anticoagulants except for warfarin (which apparently is a touchy drug that seems to gets interfered with by everything)

Anticoagulant drug-drug interactions with cannabinoids: A systematic review

In a comparison of melanocytes versus melanoma cells irradiated with UVA radiation, treatment by CBD & CBG partially reversed the pro-cancer changes

Differences in the phospholipid profile of melanocytes and melanoma cells irradiated with UVA and treated with cannabigerol and cannabidiol

In a rat model of type 2 diabetes, the helpful effects of the terpene beta caryophyllene Hypolipidemic effect of β-caryophyllene in high fat diet and fructose induced type-2 diabetic adult male rats

A thesis project on using CBD for dental pain Cannabidiol (CBD) for Dental Pain

A thesis project in neurons on using cannflavins for autism Evaluating the Therapeutic Effects of Cannflavins on Hippocampal Neuronal Systems Function in the Valproic Acid Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder

A thesis project on the neuroprotective effects of cannabis extracts in a model of Parkinson's disease In vivo Neuroprotective Effects of Cannabis sativa in Models of Parkinson’s Disease


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