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Research Roundup: Oct 10, 2023

Best of cannabinoid science this week...

A review on how CBD could help in sports performance & recovery Cannabidiol in sports: insights on how CBD could improve performance and recovery

A review of CBD's molecular actions Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Action of Cannabidiol

In patients with osteoarthritis, a combination of hemp seed oil & terpenes lowered inflammation via IL-1β & IL-6 levels Effects of Terpenes on the Osteoarthritis Cytokine Profile by Modulation of IL-6: Double Face versus Dark Knight?

For skin diseases, a review of the minor cannabinoids Therapeutic Potential of Minor Cannabinoids in Dermatological Diseases-A Synthetic Review

A review of the advances in cannabinoid & endocannabinoid research Molecular Advances on Cannabinoid and Endocannabinoid Research

In a rat model of menopausal depression, the prophylactic effects of hemp seed oil via the HPA axis Prophylactic Effects of Hemp Seed Oil on Perimenopausal Depression: A Role of HPA Axis

In a rat model of nicotine addiction, THC decreased self-administration Experimenter administered Δ9-THC decreases nicotine self-administration in a rat model

Against viruses, CBD has broad spectrum antiviral effects Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Effect of Cannabidiol Against Enveloped and Nonenveloped Viruses

And for the Lujo virus (which causes a severe hemorrhagic fever with high mortality), drugs that inhibit the CB1 receptor suppress the cellular entry of the virus Inhibitors of cannabinoid receptor 1 suppress the cellular entry of Lujo virus


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