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Research Roundup: Nov 1, 2022

Best of cannabinoid science this week...

In patients with dementia, this placebo-controlled trial showed that CBD oil reduced agitation with no serious side effects Effects of rich cannabidiol oil on behavioral disturbances in patients with dementia: A placebo controlled randomized clinical trial

A series of case studies on using CBD for anxiety (with an especially well-done chart on the many biochemical actions of CBD) Cannabidiol as a personalized treatment for anxiety: clinical cases in Mexico

A review of brain-imaging studies looks at how CBD alters brain function in several regions: medial frontoparietal, midcingulo-insular, pericentral, lateral frontoparietal, dorsal frontoparietal networks as well as the striatum & cerebellum An insight into the acute effects of cannabidiol on human brain function and their relationship with the brain expression of its molecular targets: a neuroimaging meta-regression analysis

A review finds that will topical CBD may cause hair growth, the other cannabinoids (or very high levels of CBD) may cause hair loss

A cannabinoid Hairy-Tale: Hair loss or hair gain?

A review of how CBD affects appetite & body weight Effects of Cannabidiol on Appetite and Body Weight: A Systematic Review

A review of how CBD works with oxidative stress via the NF-κB pathway The molecular activity of cannabidiol in the regulation of Nrf2 system interacting with NF-κB pathway under oxidative stress

In skin stem cells (keratinocytes), CBD protects against the multipronged damage from UVB light Photoprotective Effects of Cannabidiol against Ultraviolet-B-Induced DNA Damage and Autophagy in Human Keratinocyte Cells and Mouse Skin Tissue

A review of why CBD works for difficult-to-treat seizures & epilepsies as well as the issues clinicians should note Therapeutic and clinical foundations of cannabidiol therapy for difficult-to-treat seizures in children and adults with refractory epilepsies And a review of all the clinical studies CBD for pediatric epilepsy that have been done Clinical efficacy and safety of cannabidiol for pediatric refractory epilepsy indications: A systematic review and meta-analysis And in a rat prone to seizures, CBD reduced the number of seizures as well as their severity & duration Cannabidiol attenuates generalized tonic-clonic and suppresses limbic seizures in the genetically epilepsy-prone rats (GEPR-3) strain

In a natural test in 9 subjects did not find that CBD was converted to THC in their gastric fluid

Will tetrahydrocannabinol be formed from cannabidiol in gastric fluid? An in vivo experiment

In a rat model of meth abuse, CBD protected from the neurotoxicity via dopamine receptors

Cannabidiol prevents methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity by modulating dopamine receptor D1-mediated calcium-dependent phosphorylation of methyl-CpG-binding protein 2

CBD boosted the health of honey bees! CBD Supplementation Has a Positive Effect on the Activity of the Proteolytic System and Biochemical Markers of Honey Bees ( Apis mellifera) in the Apiary


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