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Research Roundup: Mar 14, 2024

Best of cannabinoid science this week...

In an analysis of 35 CBD products, only 33% matched the content on their label

CBD products: Labeling accuracy of an obscure niche market

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In healthy adult, six weeks of 700 milligrams of PEA per day significantly increase their levels of BDNF (a key brain growth factor) as well as improvements on a battery of cognition & memory tests

Formulated Palmitoylethanolamide Supplementation Improves Parameters of Cognitive Function and BDNF Levels in Young, Healthy Adults: A Randomised Cross-Over Trial

And in people with brain fog after COVID, PEA & luteolin (an antioxidant flavonoid often paired with PEA) caused significant improvement to their scores & 80% of the patients reported improvements

Co-ultraPEALut in Subjective Cognitive Impairment Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection: An Exploratory Retrospective Study

In patients with insomnia, cannabis medicine caused an improvement in sleep quality

UK Medical Cannabis Registry: Assessment of clinical outcomes in patients with insomnia

In Poland, a survey of why people use CBD

Cannabidiol usage, efficacy, and side effects: analyzing the impact of health conditions, medications, and cannabis use in a cross-sectional online pilot study

“The top five reasons for using CBD were self-reported stress (65.3%), sleep problems (51.7%), overall improvement in well-being (52.5%), improved mood (44.9%), and anxiety relief (40.9%). Our findings suggest that individuals with psychiatric disorders and those taking psychotropic medications are more likely to use CBD to relieve stress and anxiety. Overall, nearly 70% of the individuals found CBD products to be effective.”

In children with alternating hemiplegia (a rare neurological disorder causing temporary loss of muscle tone on one side of the body), CBD worked as well as the standard treatment of flunarizine (a calcium antagonist) for efficacy & CBD did better for control of seizures

Real life retrospective study of cannabidiol therapy in alternating hemiplegia of childhood

In a pediatric palliative care center, the majority of the patients saw improvement from cannabinoids

The Use of Cannabinoids in Pediatric Palliative Care-A Retrospective Single-Center Analysis

Considerations around using CBD for toothaches

Cannabidiol for Toothache: Ups, Downs, and Regulatory Considerations

A review of using CBD for trigeminal neuralgia (chronic pain involving the nerve of the face)

Trigeminal Neuralgia and Cannabidiol Approach

A review of the mechanisms & therapeutic targets of cannabis

Medical cannabis: Mechanisms of action and therapeutic targets

In a mouse model of lead toxicity, CBD lowered inflammation & decreased toxic effects in the liver, kidney & testes

Evaluation of the protective effect of cannabidiol in lead toxicity in mice


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