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Research Roundup: Aug 22, 2023

Best of cannabinoid science this week...

In a group of 40 cats exposed to a simulated thunderstorm, CBD caused significant reductions on the Cat-Stress-Score

Possible Anxiolytic Effects of Cannabidiol (Cbd) Administration on Feline Response to a Fear Response Test

In insomniacs, a month of CBD plus an array of terpenes increased the amount of time spent in deep sleep A Cannabidiol/Terpene Formulation That Increases Restorative Sleep in Insomniacs: A Double-Blind, Placebo-controlled, Randomized, Crossover Pilot Study The trial used 300 mg of isolated CBD plus 1 mg each of linalool, myrcene, phytol, limonene, α-terpinene, α-terpineol, α-pinene & β-caryophyllene.

In humans with chronic back or neck pain, increasing levels of CBD & THC were well tolerated & caused clinically significant reductions in pain Tolerability and Efficacy of a 10:25 Preparation of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol for Treatment of Chronic Back or Neck Pain: A Multiple-Dose Escalation Study

In two heart patients experiencing pain from the injection of the drug Treprostinil, topical CBD lowered their pain levels at the infusion site Cannabidiol (CBD) for the treatment of subcutaneous treprostinil (Remodulin®) site pain: a case report

In chronic pain patients, a combination of full spectrum hemp extracts, calamari oil (fatty acids) & broccoli (glucosinolates) reduced pain scores by more than 50% as well as improvements to oxidative stress & quality of sleep Alleviation of Pain, PAIN Interference, and Oxidative Stress by a Novel Combination of Hemp Oil, Calamari Oil, and Broccoli: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

A survey of 1700 menopausal women found that they used cannabis for sleep, anxiety & muscle/joint achiness Most common reasons for current use were sleep (65%), anxiety (45%) and muscle/joint achiness (33%).

In an observational study of 42 people with drug-resistant epilepsy, adding CBD to their medications caused half of them to have lower seizures and almost 30% were “super responders” Real-world experience with cannabidiol as add-on treatment in drug-resistant epilepsy

In 23 children where drugs were not helping their epilepsy, CBD oil increased their quality of life on several measures

The impact of cannabidiol on epileptic children’s quality of life

A review of CBD as harm reduction for people who use drugs (27 studies) Cannabidiol as a Harm Reduction Strategy for People Who Use Drugs: A Rapid Review

In a review of four studies on CBD for rheumatoid arthritis, they suggested no significant adverse reactions & therapeutic reductions in inflammation Effects of Cannabidiol (CBD) on the inflammatory response of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

A review of cannabinoids for obesity & diabetes Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonists in Inflammation, Diabetes Mellitus, and Obesity

In a rat model of chronic neuropathic pain, CBD worked better in the ones that had lower levels of anxiety Systemic Chronic Treatment with Cannabidiol in Carioca High- and Low-Conditioned Freezing Rats in the Neuropathic Pain Model: Evaluation of Pain Sensitivity

In a rat model of migraine, an inhibitor of the FAAH enzyme lowered pain via the inhibition of inflammation Activity of FAAH-Inhibitor JZP327A in an Experimental Rat Model of Migraine

In a mouse model of chronic lung inflammation & pulmonary scarring, inhibiting the FAAH enzyme reduced the changes to the lungs & lowered the cascade of inflammatory events Inhibition of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) Regulates NF-kb Pathways Reducing Bleomycin-Induced Chronic Lung Inflammation and Pulmonary Fibrosis

Another study of using simulated gastric juices to show that CBD is unlikely to convert to THC in the stomach Conversion of water-soluble CBD to Δ9-THC in synthetic gastric fluid - an unlikely cause of positive drug tests


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